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Hundreds of people watch a Miami Dolphins press conference, or a stream of Greta Van Susteren in her office, or a live feed of a house fire shared by a local Fox affiliate in Detroit.

The most-watched videos on the Facebook Live map have the feel of public access TV: extremely unprofessional professional television.

On smart phones, where users would go to post a status update, they could now select “live video” and immediately begin broadcasting themselves.

In March, Facebook tweaked its algorithm to promote live videos.

On a Monday morning, that might include 9,000 people watching a South Asian actress read through her comments, a couple thousand people watching a recap conversation, a prayer circle, and a feed from the Yale graduation.People can already share video on You Tube, Snapchat, Vine, and Facebook-owned Instagram, among other platforms.People can also already share live video, whether using more one-on-one services like Skype or Facetime, Twitter live-stream apps like Meerkat and Periscope, video game hub Twitch, more event-focused services like Livestream and Ustream, and a host of less savory-seeming live-streaming sites like Chatroulette and You Now, which also integrate comments and chat. Facebook has made live video, by virtue of it appearing on Facebook, entirely mainstream, while giving Facebook itself an entrée into live events.You see people driving around, sitting in class, watching their children play, getting a tattoo, doing yoga, driving around some more.Perhaps because it is Facebook, a not-entirely-public, but not-entirely-private space, Facebook Live videos don’t have that intimacy of Snapchat or live-streaming sites like You Now, where people are so often broadcasting from their bedrooms, sharing things they might prefer their aunt didn’t see.

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